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                                                      Summer home checklist



With the long days of summer now upon us lets take some time to consider a few house keeping items that are that could contribute to the overall performance of your home. Summer thunderstorms can bring heavy rains that can overflow gutters and contribute to exterior trim deterioration. Taking time to inspect the guttering of your home and properly cleaning and maintaining them is crucial in the effort of preventing issues such as rotting wood and unsightly exterior trim staining.


Have a crawlspace? When is the last time you have completed a crawlspace check? Common issues that can plague homes can be quickly identified by doing a semi annual crawlspace check of your home. Some things to look for are saturated areas of soil, fallen floor insulation, and white mineral deposits on exterior walls. If you observe any of these conditions it is possible that you have a moisture issue infiltrating your crawlspace. A good rule of thumb is that if ants are present in your home, there is a good chance that moisture is present. While completing your crawlspace check take a look at your plumbing pipes as well. Look for staining or discoloration around fittings as this could be an indication of leaks. Catching and addressing these issues early can be the difference of thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Semi annual attic and roof checks can also be beneficial to the proactive homeowner. Things to check while completing this inspection are deteriorated plumbing boots, shingle tabs, and any and all metal flashing. Particularly with plumbing boots if you notice any questionable or deteriorated material go ahead and replace them. They are inexpensive to repair if caught early and can prevent a much more extensive repair in the future. Unfortunately, I have seen the rubber garments around these boots fail after only 5 years of use.


Do you have termite protection? Many companies offer coverage and treatment options. It is my advice to ensure that you have it. I have completed numerous costly repairs due to the infestation of these pests. They are the only thing that I can think of that likes wood materials more than I do! Please consider getting your home properly treated if it is not already.


Lets protect for what is for most of us the biggest single investment we make.....our homes. If you do not feel comfortable undertaking these recommended inspections on your own reach out to a trusted General Contractor to complete them for you. Preventative maintenance is key to keep your home preforming as good as it did the day it was built!

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